Class Boat Ready for Use

Osprey 1360 powering upwind during a windy 2020 Bloody Mary

The class boat is now ready to be loaned out.

We need to look to the future of the class and the new blood that can be welcomed into the Osprey family. The details (application form and loan agreement form) on how to acquire the boat for a defined period are now available. The forms can be filled in electronically.

The Osprey Class Committee are actively looking for  the first crew to take her on and join us. If you know of a suitable crew then get in touch with your committee members or local Osprey representatives.

Classic Boat Article

Classic Boat magazine have an article on the Osprey. Alan Henderson & Oscar Chess helped them with the article.


Event Documents

Osprey Class event documents area for things like Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions.

2017 National Championship Poster
2018 Highcliffe Open NoR
NoR Southern Area Championship [Poole Open]
2018 Shoreham Open Entry Form
2017 Nationals Talk on Early Days of Osprey
2019 Tenby Regatta Sailing Instructions
2019 Tenby Regatta SI Course Attacment
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