TerryBeenieHatIt was 11.30 on the 9th February, the chimes in the front porch rang out, the Postman’s delivered some mail, strange we are not expecting any mail today. Doom its an A5 brown envelope usually means agro of some sort. Open it with some trepidation WOW it is an Osprey Beanie Hat, and we have snow on the ground and freezing conditions. How on earth did the committee know I needed to keep my head warm?

Seriously tho what a super idea by the committee and it’s a good way to get the Osprey promoted in these difficult times. Sadly, my time as an Osprey owner lapsed some years back when my left knee started to clonk and clunk making me less than agile and a liability in anything over a 2/3.

My Last Nationals was at Sunderland in 2000 when I gave up my post as Newsletter Editor, feeling unable to continue as by now I knew I would not be able to sail for much longer in competition. I managed to enjoy club sailing at Minnis Bay for a short while with my son as crew, but the time came for our last sail together as we were selling Sirius 1217.

We launched for the last time on a Saturday and sailed from the bay down towards Margate in a gentle breeze which gave us the time to chew over all our time together as helm and crew. Perhaps our greatest achievement was when we won every race in the club’s season something of which we were enormously proud.

Minnis Bay no longer has any Ospreys since we sold 1217, which went to Wales, it was of course Mike Jakeway’s old boat “The Other Mans Grass is Greener”. The name was far too long for our liking and neither did we like the green, so the boat was re-named Sirius (all my boats were named after stars, Antares being my first Osprey). Green was not to our taste, so we had the boat upside down in Andy, my sons, garage, and sanded down the green. We emerged from the garage amongst much mirth from our wives as we looked like a pair of Martians covered from head to toe in green dust. It seemed that Mike had painted the boat with car type cellulose paint! Boy does it remain airborne for some time and does it cling!

Sirius emerged a few weeks later, smart in her livery of Maroon on which we placed a number of silver stars she looked the business and sailed just as well and got quite a few complimentary comments from club members.

Some of you will remember the Magazines that I produced over the years with of course help from many members. I like to think that it was a quality document which was professionally printed at cost. I was the IT Manager at a College and we had a Reprographics Department, and the printer was allowed to take on private work at cost. As David was a good friend, he never charged me for his time, just for the materials. It would not have been possible to produce a magazine by normal methods. Today of course with virtually everyone having access to email there is no point in printing and posting any document.

I must say that I do not miss sailing, after all I sailed from age 10 to well let’s say to 2004 when motorcycling took pole position but eventually the knee had to be replaced which turned out to be a disaster, it just didn’t bend enough for me to get back on the motor bike. So, hobby number 3 came along.

Flying Model Aircraft of which I have 7, its great fun building and flying them, and my knee doesn’t stop me doing it. My whole life I have been involved with aircraft having spent 11 years in the Fleet Air Arm servicing various aircraft and then working for GEC Avionics as a Design and Development Engineer for 20 years. So, I wish the class all the very best and hope that the beanie hat swells the ranks and helps to keep the current members together …. Wear them with pride I shall.

2021 Events Schedule

The schedule of events for 2021 has been published below and the online electronic calendar has been updated as well.





Osprey Significance





Southern Area Championship

WS Event

Shared with Fireballs



Date change

Isle of Sheppey

Open Meeting

WS Event

Shared with Cherubs



Castle Cove

Weymouth Dinghy Regatta

WS Event



1st to 4th


National Championship



28th to 30th


Burnham Week

WS Event




Isle of Sheppey

Round Sheppey Race





Scottish and Northern Championships

WS Event




Mounts Bay

Panorma Cup

WS Event





Inland Championships

WS Event





Open Meeting

WS Event

Shared with Fireballs and Merlins




End of Season

WS Event