Class Secretary Wanted

help3 smallThe Osprey Class are looking for a member to come forward and be the Class Secretary

12:20 BST on Monday 24th August 2020

Recently received via email.
Last night the committee met to discuss the questionnaire feedback from the signed up competitors. The response was good and a clear mandate was received which has unfortunately led to the decision to cancel the Osprey 2020 Nationals.

12noon BST on 30th May 2020

Not all those who entered will have received the following in an email as Membership Secretary does not have everyone’s email and some that they do have are not working, so the message is to spread the word as much as possible.


Dear Competitor                                                                                             May 30th 2020

Back in April, your class representatives committed to providing a further update with regard to this year’s National Championships in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic and the impact of this on us all.

I can today confirm that it will not be possible to hold the Championships as planned over the period 25th - 28th July 2020. This decision has been taken in consultation with the host club and specifically for the fact that the club and our sport as a whole continue to be badly affected by the current restrictions with no realistic end in sight.

Whilst this news is very disappointing, and will cause regrettable disruption for those of you that booked accommodation before this outbreak, your committee and our headline Sponsor Hartley boats has not given up on a National Championships being held in 2020, therefore this letter is to confirm a postponement and not a cancellation of the event.

Last night, Friday 30th May, a class committee meeting was convened to discuss the Nationals with the common consensus being to continue with a new plan if at all possible. The host club has already been approached to look at a new Nationals date much later in the year to capitalise on any relaxing of restrictions and embracing of full social interaction, such that a meaningful event can be held in the spirit of the Osprey tradition.

In following this route your committee is very mindful that some members will be concerned as to timescales involved and so it was also agreed last night that, a go/no go deadline of Sunday 23rd August 2020 would be set.

Post this deadline a further update will be provided to you all regardless of the outcome via email as well as updates on the usual social media platforms and class website.

Thank you for your continued support in these unprecedented times.

On behalf of the Osprey Class Association,

Best regards

Kevin Francis

Class membership secretary & Treasurer