Class Boat Ready for Use

Osprey 1360 powering upwind during a windy 2020 Bloody Mary

The class boat is now ready to be loaned out.

We need to look to the future of the class and the new blood that can be welcomed into the Osprey family. The details (application form and loan agreement form) on how to acquire the boat for a defined period are now available. The forms can be filled in electronically, but with Google Chrome browser when you save a completed form it does not save the information you have entered. This is not much good. So on Microsoft Windows systems, download document and open with either Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Edge browser.

The Osprey Class Committee are actively looking for  the first crew to take her on and join us. If you know of a suitable crew then get in touch with your committee members or local Osprey representatives.

Classic Boat Article

Classic Boat magazine have an article on the Osprey. Alan Henderson & Oscar Chess helped them with the article.

Something owners of older Ospreys may like to participate in are the following events.

Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Associatlon
20th Anniversary year

The Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association (CVRDA) was formed in 1999 to bring together owners of older boats, encouraging maintenance, restoration and racing together. It is for all dinghies and catamarans of classes designed before 1965 and built before 1985,' wood or fibreglass, tatty or immaculate and also ttiose "lost" classes, designed before 1985 and no longer in production whose class association no longer exists. We also support Classic Dinghy class associations and some specific early models of certain classes - Baker built Larks, early wooden Phantoms etc. that find it hard to compete in the modern sailing scene. We already have joint events with SigneTs and MiniSails and have provided a focus for the
revival of the Lowrider International Moth.

Anyone is welcome to come along to any of our events as long as your boat qualifies! You don't have to be a member to join in the events although membership is only £10 and this pays for the website and free forum where you can find help and advice on all aspects of dinghy ownership, maintenance, restoration and identification. If you aren't sure whether your boat qualifies, this is the place to ask!

We sail and race because we enjoy it and because it is often difficult to sail and compete against newer boats, and stand a chance of winning. We sail using a flexible cvrda handicap system, based on the 1965 PY numbers and weighted in favour of more original boats, i.e with older masts, sails etc.

Events for 2019

The events calendar is still being finalised but key events are:
- 4th May Hunts S.C. St Ives near Cambridge
- 25th May Clywedog S.C. Mid Wales (a good venue for larger and faster boats and flying fifteens)
- 6th July Hykeham S.C. Lincoln
- 20th July Banbury S.C. between Banbury and Daventry, Northamptonshire
- 10th August Bowmoor S.C. Lechlade, Gloucestershire
- 24th August 20th Anniversary National Rally - Roadford Lake, Devon where the very first CVRDA event was held in 1999

If you have any questions, would like to know more or would like our help, please contact us
through our website or join our forum (it's free) on that site and raise your question there.