Class Boat Ready for Use

Osprey 1360 powering upwind during a windy 2020 Bloody Mary

The class boat is now ready to be loaned out.

We need to look to the future of the class and the new blood that can be welcomed into the Osprey family. The details (application form and loan agreement form) on how to acquire the boat for a defined period are now available. The forms can be filled in electronically, but with Google Chrome browser when you save a completed form it does not save the information you have entered. This is not much good. So on Microsoft Windows systems, download document and open with either Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Edge browser.

The Osprey Class Committee are actively looking for  the first crew to take her on and join us. If you know of a suitable crew then get in touch with your committee members or local Osprey representatives.

Classic Boat Article

Classic Boat magazine have an article on the Osprey. Alan Henderson & Oscar Chess helped them with the article.

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Ospreys prepare for Proctor Centenary Round the Isle of Wight race

An intrepid group of Ospreys are about to head out to race over 50 miles around the Isle of Wight. The race takes place on weekend 15th & 16th September, and this historic event will mark Ian Proctor's Centenary year.

65 years ago, Ian Proctor himself (the Osprey’s designer) won the Queen's Coronation Round the Island Race in 1953 by just a second, pipping 300 of the country's finest dinghy sailors to the post. Since then the Osprey Class have undertaken two further Round the Isle of Wight races, one on the 25th Anniversary in 1978, and again in 1988.

In 1978 light winds caused the race to be shortened part way around but in 1988, 13 Ospreys successfully completed the full course, demonstrating again the speed and seaworthiness of this very fine Ian Proctor design. Winning time was just under 8 hours.

Fast forward another 30 years and that takes us to 2018. The Osprey class remains in great shape 30 years later, and the design remains just as capable of undertaking long passages. This year, 2018, there will be a 65th anniversary race, celebrating the Ian Proctor Centenary.

Round the Island races or voyages are usually just for yachts, but the big, powerful Osprey is also capable of undertaking this testing, all day long voyage. The voyage will require skippers and crews to carefully plan the changing tidal currents, and to have the ability to squeeze the most out of either very light, or brisk breezes.

The dates have been picked for favourable tides, and present-day Osprey sailors will be on their mettle to beat the 1988 winning time of 7 hours 52 minutes and even the last & oldest boat 242 finish time of 8 hours 54 minutes. According to a report in the July 1953 edition of Yachting World, Ian Proctor completed the original RTI Dinghy Race in 11 hours 1 minute 20 seconds with next finisher 1 or 2 seconds behind. The scans of the report can be seen on Y&Y Forum, scroll down until they are found.There is also a copy of a report of the race, thought to be by Ian Proctor, available which appeared in Yachting World annual 1954.


This year for the first time, the class will have the benefit of the latest modern technology, thanks to the kind support of Sailing Southwest with their TracAce™ GPS boat tracking system. TracAce™ will assist with the safety of the competitors and the management of the race. Spectators will be able to monitor the progress and watch replays of this event.


will see the boats launch around 6am on the morning of the race. The race is schedlued to be on Saturday 15th, failing which Sunday 16th if adverse weather. The exact day will be announced at 20:00 BST on the Friday 14th during the briefing at Lymington Town SC. The race is scheduled to start at 07:00 BST. It is expected that most boats will take 10-11 hours to complete the race.

The fleet will be accompanied by a group of RIBs and a large yacht, acting as the Race Communications centre.

The event may be followed on Facebook and the tracking via link at Sailiing Southwest.
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Links to race documents on this page.