Event Reports

It is important for the class profile that we regularly and promptly send out reports of Osprey Class Open Meetings and other sailing events in which Osprey owners compete.

The order for report writing of an Osprey Class Open Meeting or a mixed classes regatta is:

Highest placed Osprey Class committee member writes the report        
Whoever is third overall in the Osprey Class writes the report                            
If less than 3 Ospreys participating in the event then the last placed Osprey crew to write the report.   
Reports are always welcome from others as well, it gives an additional perspective of the racing.

The report to be submitted preferably with a photograph or two of the sailing & the results by the Tuesday after the event. That gives a chance of the report being used by Yachts & Yachting magazine as well as https://www.yachtsandyachting.com. The guidelines for how it is done are at https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/…/Guidelines-for-submitti…

You should also copy the report, photographs & results to Huw, and do some blogs on Facebook. Be sure to ask at the host club to find out if photos are available. If not, Angela Mamwell often has photos. Taking a photograph of the results sheet on your phone and posting it on Facebook during the weekend is also good - please check it is a readable image before posting. Facebook is good for internal communication within the class, but we need https://www.yachtsandyachting.com/ and our website for external comm, in the hope of attracting new people to the class.

Online electronic calendar

19th & 20th September 2020

Article compiled by Huw Pearce from postings on Facebook by Alex Willis and the RO James Ripley

Photo of Ospreys sailing is courtesy and copyright James Ripley and the photos of rudder comparisons courtesy and copyright Alex Willis

Oscar Chess has produced two video compilations, Saturday and Sunday, of him sailing 1348 'Jammy Dodger' with David Charles .

Beautiful morning in Paignton! Lovely big waves and a few surfers (although hopefully none of the boats will be surfing to the shore like that!) 7 Ospreys and 8 Fireballs entered, looking forward to the first Osprey Event of the year!

A select band of sailors enjoyed a fantastic day sailing at Paignton! The morning started with catching up with everyone and ended up comparing boats and rudder sizes... It is still not confirmed which is best!


Due to the tide height and the 1m swell rolling merrily into the harbour, usurping moored vessels, a 1 hour postponement was enforced so the safety boats could be launched.

After an eventful launching from Ros and David in the harbour, all Ospreys made it out to the big seas and gusty winds for an eventful day. Race 1 was closely fought throughout the entire course, and with great thanks to team Angus and team Terry taking each other high on the final reach, the Willis team squeezed through to take the first race!

Race 2 started with Paul and Jonathan taking the lead up the first beat but unfortunately not so good for the Blake team as a fitting went bang... fortunately not fatally for the days racing! Terry and Peter took 1st with Angus and Vyv in 2nd and Willis family in 3rd with Oscar and Charlie most aggrieved about 1360s off-wind speed.

By race 3, all but the hardened sailors were starting to feel a bit tired. Due to a early capsize, Jon and Paul headed in. The rest of the fleet kept fighting in the gusty (sometimes shifty) winds, with Roger and Jamie seeing a bit more of the water than they would have liked! With Terry and Angus fighting it out for first place, a dodgy gybe by Angus let team Oscar and the Willis family through to finish an eventful day!

A brilliant day's racing. Here's to more tomorrow!!

Day 2 dawned bright and clear, with slightly less wind than the previous day. Bacon rolls were served by the club for breakfast, which was welcomed in preparation for another intense day's racing!

From the RO - Despite a short postponement this morning to allow for safer launching conditions, we managed to successfully complete three races for the Fireball and Osprey Open at Paignton Sailing Club. The wind was mostly between 10 and 20 knots but we saw a few bigger gusts up to 25 knots which, combined with a large sea state, made for exciting racing.

A one hour postponement was implemented due to the easterly wind driving waves directly into the harbour. Eventually 1360 (the association osprey) was the Guinea pig for launching, with the rest of the competitors, Osprey and Fireball alike, watching on offering helpful comments. The manoeuvre was successfully completed with assistance from the club and a very long piece of string.

In a fleet which usually has at least 1 general recall per event, it was not complete without Oscar and Charlie being a bit eager to start Race 4 at the pin end, possibly with some encouragement from Ros and David, trying to get gopro starting footage... We await to see the results! Terry with Peter and Angus with Vyv disappeared into the distance, fighting it out for the win. Paul and Jon were on the heels of Alex and Nick, until team Willis threw it away by missing the hitch mark on the second to last reach and subsequently retiring. Terry emerged in the lead to extend his winning streak.

The final race saw 1360 get a massive lift off of the start line and put them at the front of the fleet, and remembering to sail the correct course this time, held on to win. Oscar in 2nd tried to hold off Terry on the final reach with Roger and Jamie trying to sneak underneath, but to no avail.

Another fantastic day's racing in somewhat lighter conditions, but no less fun!

Congratulations to Terry and Peter for winning the event!

Many thanks are extended to Paignton Sailing Club for a very friendly and warm welcome, with fantastic racing. Hopefully we can return in the future!

Overall Results