Welsh & Midland Championship, Penmaenmawr YC, 23rd & 24th September 1972

Penmaenmawr Yacht Club on the North Wales coats were host to the National Osprey Class for their second annual Welsh & Midland Championship. This picturesque spot provided superb sailing water and over 30 visitors joined the local fleet to give a total entry of 37.

Right from the beginning of the weekend it was clear that skilful sailing on the beats would pay, because the Force 4 Easterly wind, blowing parallel to the shore was fiercely distorted as the gusts swept down the narrow valleys in the mountains rising up sharply from the shore line.

Despite the good breeze, Saturday’s race was sailed in hazy sunshine and misty conditions. Nick Houlding in ‘Swingalong’ nearly won the practice race but was pipped at the post by Nat Eynon from Steel Company of Wales SC in ‘Blue Moon’. Eynon gained considerably from this outing when it came to the first race, for he hugged the shore and played the shifts carefully to lead at the windward mark and keep this place all the way round. Davis Poole from Filey in ‘Nympholepsey’ followed Eynon, but those who chose to go out to sea were not so lucky. The leading group mistook the wing mark for the windward mark and disappeared into the mist and out of the race. Tony Davies in ‘Eyr y Mor’ challenged Poole at one stage but had to be content with third place behind him.

Endless windshifts delayed the start of Sunday’s races. In the first race of the day, Trevor Mucklo from Mounts Bay SC in ’Pschitt’ made a good portend start and headed out to sea, tacked on to port and laid the windward amrk well ahead of the fleet, who were still tacking up the shore. William Olivers in ‘Guzunda’ and Vernon May in ‘Swan Song’ were next but lost places on the following spinnaker run. Here, Poole and Gerald Iddon from Glasson in ‘Nutcracker’ took the leeward routewhich paid handsome dividends, Mucklow was still ahead at this stage, but the third beat coincided with the tide changing and he missed out badly by pursuing his solitary course out to sea letting Poole and Iddon through to be followed in third place by Oliver.

The final race was comparatively short, held in a dying breeze. No sooner had the gun sounded than the wind headed dramatically enabling boats starting at the starboard end to lay the windward mark in one tack. John Clarke from Chase in the ‘Flying Machine’ made a clear start and although challenged by Poole kept clear. Alistair Mackay from Steel Company of Wales SC in ‘Darcy’at last found form to maintain third place, whilst Eynon, who need to win this race to take the series, made a poor start and never recovered.

Top Six
1st 880 ‘Nympholepsy’ D Poole Filey SC
2nd 854 ‘The Flying Machine’ J Clarke Chase SC
3rd 198 ‘Blue Moon’ N Eynon Steel Company of Wales SC
4th 853 ‘Pastyoureyes’ R Plowright Filey SC
5th ‘Double Trouble’ M Walter Ogston SC
6th 870 ‘Guzunda’ W Oliver Ogston SC