2018 Events List

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Events Calendar

Future UK National Championship Venues

Being considered:

  • 2019 Cornwall
  • 2020 Castle Cove SC, Weymouth, Dorset
  • 2021 South Wales

Next Class Events

Shoreham Open is being held on 28th & 29th July which will be shared with the Merlin Rocket class. Last event before the National Championships, so ideal event to get final tuning done. Preview, who to contact and link to SI's & Entry Form can be seen by clicking image or title.

Shoreham Open

The 2018 UK National Championship takes place from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th August hosted by Weymouth Sailing Club. There were 39 entries before the early entry deadline of 23:59 BST on Saturday 30th June. How many more to enter?

2018 UK National Championship

Burnham Regatta takes place from 2th August to 27th August

Burnham Regatta

Scottish & Northerns - Keilder

The event takes place on 8th & 9th September. More details to come.

Scottish & Northerns - Keilder

Bosham Proctor Centenary Event 2nd & 3rd June

Bosham S.C. are going to hold an event to commemorate Ian Proctor's Centenary on the weekend of 2nd and 3rd June. The event will be by invitation only and they have asked the Osprey Association who they should invite, so I am looking for volunteers.

The exact format of the event appears to still be somewhat fluid but broadly they want to get one of each of Ian Proctor's boats to the event and probably one of each Mark to show how each design has evolved over the years. I understand that there will be a collection of all the boats on the lawn on Saturday followed by a Gala Dinner in the evening and racing on Sunday (though by the sound of it the racing will not be hugely competitive more an opportunity to show the boats sailing.)

Bosham would like us to propose a Mark 2 Osprey and a Mark 3 Osprey and possibly a Mark 4 and 5 but that is to be decided.

I would obviously quite like Sappho 73 to attend as the Mark 2 but we are busy that weekend. So do we have any volunteers either to take Sappho or bring another Mark 2 and a volunteer to take a Mark 3.

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David Downs