All those still considering entering please note the entry close date of the 10th August as per the NOR. Anyone turning up on Thursday 16th August expecting to enter is very likely going to be refused entry.

Any potential competitor needs to complete the online entry form only. Once this is complete the club can contact them directly via email to firm up plans.


At vast expense we've hired a top model to show off this year's Osprey Nationals clothing. Big choice of products, from T Shirts to polos to hoodies, vest tops, etc etc. All supplied by Azure Logo Embroidery. If you order before 9th August, your clothing should be made up and delivered straight to you at the Osprey Nationals, ready to wear. Products can be made up with your sail number and boat name, as well as the Osprey Sailing, and Osprey Nationals 2018 branding. Big choice of colours as well as of clothing products. Look out for our special artwork on the back.

The following table lists builders known to have built Ospreys over the years, only current builder is Hartley Boats.

Please let us know of any corrections or additions you think should be applied to the list.

Builder Number built Date from Date to
A Dobson & R Storrar 2    
A Dobson / Robert Shaw 1    
AH James 1    
Aln Boatyard 1    
Andy Barker 5    
AP Farrow 1    
Ashford Marine 2    
Barnard Boats 1 Saturday, January 01, 1977  
Bell Woodworking 19    
Bob Lightfoot - Canada West Coast 2 Monday, January 01, 1979 Tuesday, July 31, 1979
Builder unknown by Class Association 927    
CA Lang 1    
Chipstow Boatyards 3    
Curnow 1    
Eric Robinson 2    
Farquharson & McNaughton 2    
Glenmore Boats, Canada 5    
Gmach 17    
Gmach / TA Roberts 1    
Gmach / Westerly Boats 3    
Guy Winder Boats 1    
Hartley Laminates 87 Tuesday, November 01, 2005  
High Performance Sailboats 3    
High Performance Sailboats / Martin Creasey 1    
Home Built 3    
Home Built (A Hawksworth) 1    
Home Built (AM Summers) 1    
Home Built (Geoff Dean) 1    
Home Built (Gerald Iddon) 1    
Home Built (Mike Corbin) 3    
Home Built (MJ Skurr) 1    
Home Built (Peter Barton) 1 Tuesday, January 01, 1974  
Home Built (Ray Brookes) 2    
Home Built (Ray Green) 1    
Home Built (RH Thomas) 1    
Home Built (WC Brown) 1    
Jeff Hewitt 2    
JG Hunter 1    
Jim Corcoran 1    
John Claridge 3    
John Claridge / Laurie Smart 1    
JR Hayhurst 1    
Mansfield Marina 1    
Marine Craft & Engineering Swansea 3    
Martin Creasey 9    
Martin Creasey / Ray Brookes 1    
MC Coward 1    
Michael Atkinson 1    
Mike Mooney 4    
Paul Wright 6    
Paul Wright / Plycraft 1    
PJ Cardwell / Bell Hull 1    
PJT Beaumont 1    
Plycraft 13    
Porter Bros / Laurie Smart 2    
Porter Brothers 53    
R Green & R Plowright 1    
R Hall 1    
Ribble Boats 1    
Roger Edwardson 1    
Sail Number not Issued 41    
Spanish Builder 2 Sunday, January 01, 1967 Tuesday, December 31, 1968
Turtle Bay Boat Co [Tanzania] 14    
TW Greaves 7    
VD Goode 1    
W McCutcheon 3    
WeatherMark Dinghies Plymouth 3    
Westerly & JC Geddes 1    
Westerly Boats 111    
WJ Morrison- Gardiner 1    

BuilderNumber of BoatsDate_FromDate_To